Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Updates, or where on Earth have I been?

It's been an absolute age, hasn't it, things got tough. I think I've alluded to it, but I have depression. Full on diagnosed-been to the doctor, medicated- depression. A lot has happened since I last posted. I finished 2nd year at university and a week later I started my placement year at Adobe. Possibly one of the best jobs I have ever had. 

But this job was based in Maidenhead, so I moved everything over to Maidenhead and lived in a tiny little room in a shared house for a year. It was horrible, and it's because I know that my depression gets worse when I'm by myself and don't know the people I'm living with. It's not so much that I need to constantly be talking to someone, but that I need to know that I can talk to the people around me whenever I need to. 

The isolation was so bad that end of January last year I decided to get myself a hamster. Because I needed company and someone else to look after so that I could function as a human being. I named her Cassiopeia as it is one of my favourite constellations, apart from Scorpio obviously. 
Here she is in all her glory. Obviously it's rather difficult to get a good picture of a nocturnal creature so she was actually far more grey than she looks here. 

Together with Cassie I made it through my placement where I felt so on it, and left having had an amazing time. I learnt a great deal about the way I work outside of retail, and it was nice to be able to complete tasks without being interrupted by a customer who needed to be shown the rack just next to them.

Unfortunately I did have to have Cassie put down before i returned to uni after Christmas, but it was the kindest thing to do. But I will be forever glad of what she meant to me and how much she helped me when I felt so alone and unhappy.

So now I'm living back in Norwich and am in my final year of University, and for the few days that I do have to be in London for lectures and workshops I commute (which is a whole other story). I've already finished about 50% of the course and all I have left is my dissertation.

And then? Who knows, it's a very stressful time at the moment, including figuring out if I'm even staying the UK for the future. (Brexit amirite?) During the next few months I need to, whilst working on the ole dissertation, start working on what I want to do.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Mumford and Sons at Hyde Park

Hey it's been a while hasn't it, well there is a whole load that happened, and before I delve into everything I thought I'd share my experience of Mumford and Sons on the 8th of July with my favourite gal.

I bought the tickets way back in December for Alina's birthday and the day finally arrived. We headed into London. When we reunited at Liverpool Street Station and headed (after doing a huge loop around it apparently) to The Breakfast Club near Spitalfields Market. We had an amazing brunch and then made our way to Hyde Park.

We spent most of the day wandering round the park soaking up the atmosphere listening to some incredible acts including Wolf Alice, Alabama Shakes and BORNS. We had some brilliant paella from one of any food stands we could have chosen then sat down awaiting Mumford and Sons to start. AS everyone says they are incredible live. So much performance and stage presence it's an absolute delight to watch. 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Brick lane again

So it's been a while eh? Sorry about that, but I will go into more detail in another post. Today was a beautiful day so my flat mate and a friend of ours headed east. Originally we went to Hackney wick for a vintage fayre but it wasn't really our kind of vintage, lovely if you like the more sort of very dressy vintage and antiques but for us it wasn't the one. (Btw it's on every Sunday till late summer and it does have a really cool vibe! Lots of food trucks and even a bit covered in sand! It's behind the baths in Hackney wick)

Knowing it was a Sunday we decided to head over to brick lane market as we knew there would be lots going on, and we desperately wanted a bagel from one of the bagel shops! Along the way we got a little distracted by the food market in the old Truman brewery as well as the goldsmiths design degree show! 

Brick Lane street sign

One of the food stands had the most incredible burger, why can't I ever choose something else?

Burger bun with onion and lettuce

It had cheese and bacon with a dash of guacamole! Apparently this is the perfect combo! It was so juicy it was difficult to eat on the go but I managed to eat it. Mostly we just wandered round looking at this stand and the next before going to a cafe for a cup of coffee and a brownie. I just wish I remembered the name of it.

We then decided to head to the beigel shop to buy some bagels for the way back as well as for dinner in the evening! We walked back to the bus stop and encountered this beautiful black cat: 
black cat on a door stoop in front of a red door

Who let us pet her until she had enough and started hissing at us! So we quickly got on a bus back to south of the river! 

Deciding that the day was too nice just to end there we went to a corner shop grabbed a couple of bottles of ciders and headed to Ruskin park to watch the world go by, whilst listening to music and me devouring a salt beef bagel (if you're not veggie get on that if you're ever in East London!)

Salt beef bagel from brick lane beigel shop

All in all a pretty perfect day! Although I may have burnt a little bit already!

Speak soon lovelies!!!

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Taking stock

I'm going to start off by saying I'm sorry. Mostly to myself as I promised myself I would write at least one post per week but then the stress of uni deadlines and exams kind of swallowed up everything else. But here we are again. It's the end of the month and as I write this I am on a train to my hometown Norwich. For a whole friggin month! I think I haven't been this excited in a long time. The small things I guess. 

On the small things the photo above was taken whilst on a walk whilst taking a break from revision. I'm trying to see it as a reminder that there are beautiful things everywhere. A reminder that no matter how dark things may get that there is another side to that tunnel. 

Wow, that got deep fast! But I suppose that these sort of things are as much a part of life as the happy, beautiful things. 

Anyway after going off on that massive tangent what I really wanted to do is talk about what I plan to do with this here blog. I want to document more of my life, hopefully forcing me to do more with my life. I want to share the things that I love to the few that read this (Hi Josie!) and I want to continue to hone my minimal photography and writing skills. 

-Monday - food type post
-Wednesday -lists
-Friday - fashion
-Sunday - weekly catch up

Speak soon lovelies 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

It is always ourselves we find in the sea

This weekend just gone was the first weekend off in a long time, so I bundled myself into a train to return to Norfolk to see my family.

On Saturday my Dad and I took the dogs and headed to Winterton-on-Sea a small seaside town with the most beautiful beach that allows dogs on it year round. The sun was shining and so it was a perfect day to walk and talk.

Our beautiful Tibetan Terrier named Watson.

The everlovable Romanian rescue Toffee.

Pretty much perfect eh? Still too cold to dip into the sea, but it promises of a good summer.

Speak soon lovelies

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sunday is market day

On Sunday was the first day that I had after quitting my job. So I did something that I've always wanted to do since moving to London. Which was heading east for the Columbia Road Flower Market. I didn't buy any flowers but I'm going share a few snaps I took. Including some from Brick Lane market:

All I'm all a pretty perfect day. I did take more photos on a disposable camera that I'd taken along. But I still need to finish the film and then get them developed. 

Speak soon lovelies 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

5 Things I've Learnt Since Moving to London

It's been a year and about 5 months since I've moved to London for university. That long since I've left Norwich for all but the odd weekend. It has taught me so much already so i thought I would write a list of all the things I've learnt so far. 

1. London is BIG, and I mean big, and I think the full scope is only realised when you live there and have to commute between places. As a tourist almost everything is within 20 minutes on the tube from each other. But as soon as you have to travel between the place you can afford to live to the place where you spend most of your time (I.e. Work or uni) it is a whole other dimension. Which brings me on to my next thing. 

2. Commuting is soul destroying, the moment that you arrive on that already crowded platform or bus stop at a ridiculously early time with a mug of coffee in one hand and your phone in another, you realise that it is a rather sad life you lead at times. As you wedge yourself into the armpit of a man about 6 foot, who hasn't quite realised that he could angle his body slightly differently, you zone out completely hoping only that there is no transferral between his sweat and you shoulder or that there are no delays that keep you held in the train for a minute longer than necessary.

3. However there is always something else to do every day. And so much of it is free if you bother looking (or if you can't be bothered to search yourself: follow SkintLondon on Twitter for tips on all sorts of things that are free or cheap to do). But theoretically you could go to a new restaurant every night where automatically you'll order the same thing you always order: burgers and lots of them 

But they're delicious so who cares really eh? 

4. Netflix WILL become your new best friend, because work/uni is tiring and everyone's schedules always clash, so you always say you'll go for drinks and then only see each other once every three months. Let it happen, it's not something to feel guilty about. Settle into that evening of binge watching Gossip Girl and/or documentaries. 

5. But most importantly? London is pretty freaking stunning, even all the touristy parts:

Speak soon lovelies

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