Thursday, 11 September 2014

24 hours in Paris

This one is a little late coming but here it is anyway. Some time during May whilst many friends were planning their summer travel plans I realised that ahead of me all I had was a summer full of work. So I frantically contacted my partner in crime to plan something. The two of us had already been to Berlin together a few summers ago. 

So Eurostar was booked and forgotten about in May. So when August rolled around there was frantic packing and list making. 

We headed over on the 12th, stayed overnight and spent the 13th shopping. I thought I'd share some of the snaps I took on my phone with you. 

The train essentials: portable battery, leads for my phone, Filofax full of lists, sunglasses and of course Percy Pigs from M&S.

Our hostel was right by the Sacre Cœur so we stopped outside in the evening.

Our first stop was of course City Pharma to stock up on essentials. 

And that's all we really had time for except popping into sephora.

We returned to London absolutely shattered but happily laden with bags.

Speak soon lovelies.  

Friday, 13 June 2014

Red, White, Blue's in the Sky

Wow it has been a long time. But today isn't one for excuses, instead I am going to talk about the lovely evening I had on Friday to celebrate the end of the first year of Uni with one of my flat mates. As you may well know I live south of the river, about five minutes away from the centre of Brixton, and such it seemed like the best option as to where to go for the evening.

We started off at Senzala, check them at, for a cocktail, both of us choosing a gorgeous Kir Royale. 
And we shared a platter of bread and dips. 
The pesto was incredible, almost as good as my mum's but then again mother knows best eh? The onions were also good perfectly sweet. We had a look at their menu, and although it looked appetising neither of us were in the mood for crepes which are their speciality.

Instead we wandered over to seven at Brixton, find them on Twitter @sevenatbrixton, for some Spanish tapas. And boy did they deliver. We didn't order everything off the menu, but it came close.

We shared a vegetarian platter
Those patatas bravas were incredible. 

We also shared a tortilla:
The ultimate comfort food in my eyes, but if you don't like egg, maybe give this one a miss.

Then I had chorizo and king prawns and Josie had roasted aubergines and tomatoes on toast.
Seafood and chorizo is such a beautiful combination.

All of this was washed down by a raspberry mojito which was slurped down before I could take any photos. 

Then we rounded everything off by come churros of course.
That little pot of sauce was heaven, tasted like molten Nutella which naturally gets two thumbs up in my eyes.

I do have a little outfit snap for you. And yes I am not wearing any makeup but then my skin does not do well in heat. 

T-shirt: New Look :: Trousers: Dorothy Perkins :: Bag: Vintage :: Shoes: Topshop :: Awkward posing: Yours truly. 

I had such a lovely evening and went home feeling stuffed to the brim but very very satisfied. 

Speak soon lovelies. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

London Fashion Weekend

The last day that my sister was in London with me we popped over to London Fashion Weekend courtesy of my dad who surprised us with tickets. So on Friday the 23rd Alina and I got dressed in our glad rags and then took the tube over to Somerset House. 

We saw the trend show on the catwalk which was a nice reminder of the upcoming trends when your head is so caught up with the current shows that have been going on. The weather was absolutely lovely so it made the whole day even nicer. 

My sister looked adorable as ever:

Dress - Topshop (sale) :: Jacket - Primark :: Bag - Vintage :: Shoes - Asos

I looked a little grungier. But I really liked my outfit. 

T-shirt - Primark :: Skirt - Topshop (sale) :: Jacket - Dorothy Perkins :: Bag - Kurt Geiger :: Socks - Topshop :: Shoes - Tammy at Bhs

I think we both went for a more monochrome look as we both are really enjoying monochrome. We had a lovely time wandering round Somerset House looking at all the shops where we got this picture at Sunglass Hut.

I really liked the cat eye sunglasses, annd am thinking I need to invest in a pair. 

We also went into the Canon 360 degree studio where we got a video sent to us. I posted it to Instagram, my username is boundingheart_

After a good wander around Somerset House. We decided to make good use of the nice weather and walked a good portion of the way back to my flat, where we could rest our feet after the long walk. 

Then after a few more hours of giggles and also doing some work for uni and school. I took my sister to the train station and waved her off with a rueful smile. 

Speak soon lovelies. 

Friday, 21 February 2014


Now every one and then you really fancy a dirty burger luckily dad was visiting for the day and wanted to sample the cuisine that Brixton has to offer. Bukowski is in the other market in Brixton which is Market Row. It is a grill restaurant that offer mostly burgers but also other things such as pulled pork and racks of ribs. 

I went for a homemade lemonade which was nice although I prefer lemonade sparkling however it was still very nice. Now after a lot of deliberation I went for the Fat Gringo. Looks at this beauty:

It comes with bacon, cheese, a delicious jalapeño mustard and the pickles. 

All three of us shared a large portion of chips. These are triple cooked, which I'm not entirely sure what that means, and then cooked in beef drippings. So not something for the vegetarians. But boy were these chips good. Wonderfully crispy on the outside and amazingly fluffy on the inside. 

And of course these wonderful burgers are cooked medium rare just to make them properly filthy. 

Just look at that filth. They are so juicy you have the meat juice running down your hands as you bite into it. My kind of meal I tell you. 

So if you find yourself in Brixton and the queue for Honest is a little too long, make your way over to Bukowski for some really meaty burgers. 

Speak soon lovelies. 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

We're the non-judging Breakfast Club

FWednesday morning was not as successful as Alina and I had planned; we had wanted to go to Brick Lane, see the market and the vintage shops. After a quick walk round we decided to slender over to Spitalfields Market and managed to pick up a few bits and bobs for my Dad's birthday presents. We then got the tube to Oxford Street to meet a friend and go for brunch at the Breakfast Club. 

Now if you've been before, you'll know that you have to queue to get a seat, sometimes for quite some time. Luckily we made it just in time and only had to wait about 25 minutes. 

The first thing we all knew when we got in was what food to have, drinks proved a little more difficult but in the end I plumped for a hot chocolate with a mountain of marshmellows.

I went for the only thing I've had from the menu, but in my defense it is superb. After a bit of arm twisting by me my sister also went for the same thing. The All American Pancakes with sunnyside-up eggs. And aren't they beautiful:

The potatoes are to die for and the bacon is perfectly crispy. 

Now I know I was sceptical with the combination of maple syrup and bacon but trust me: it needs to happen. So just go ahead and pour the little pot of wonder over the pancakes and enjoy.

We left stuffed to brim but in a pleasant way and wandered over to the Topshop where I made a few purchases which may make a few appearances in the next few posts.

Speak soon lovelies.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


On Monday I had the opportunity to help out at another show. This time it was Ashish. The show was a lot bigger than the previous one and the dressing was a lot more complex as th clothes were a lot more difficult. But as ever I tried my best to get the changes done as we all know how frenzied things can get during the show. 

Unfortunately my phone ran out of battery before I was able to get a lot of pictures but I do have a few. The whole collection was very sequin heavy which I adore. Sequins add so much fun to an outfit. 

Here are the photos:

Here is a shot of the backstage area before it got busy.

Embellishment on a pair of what seemed to be the softest pair of jogging bottoms ever. I really liked these as it adds interest to something which would have been fairly boring otherwise. 

Jeans which were covered in lace and the detailing of the lace was further enhanced by sequins. 

Near the end of the catwalk Ashish sent this down the catwalk which was obviously done in protest to Russia and their stance on Homosexuality. I think it is so important for people to make these protests as the more these things stay visible and therefore in debate the more likely it is that we are able to change things. 

Speak soon lovelies. 

Honest Burgers

So after a short lecture this morning and doing some work for school my sister and I decided to head to Brixton for our evening meal. Now we picked a place we've been to before but it's so good it's always worth another visit. 

Honest Burgers is nestled in Brixton Village the second of two covered markets that Brixton boasts. Both of them are well worth a visit, both during the day and in the evening. 

Now Honest Burgers serve burgers and not much else but I had a hankering for burgers so that was just perfect. 

Their drinks are great too, both of us plumping for a homemade lemonade which is incredible and served in these lovely jars.

The burger I chose was the Honest burger which a burger with cheese, bacon, pickles and onion chutney. And my sister went for a plain beef burger. All of the burgers come with rosemary chips which are to die for. 

The burgers are all medium rare so are pink but you can ask to have them well done but I really recommend having it pink as it just makes so much juicier and the burger oozes all over your fingers when eating it. 

We left feeling very full and wonderfully satisfied of the burger craving. We took a short wondering round the markets picking up a portion of frozen yoghurt to share to round off the evening. After all I'm sure there is always room for pudding. 

We've got a few things planned for the ext few days so I'll take you along and take a few photos. 

Speak soon lovelies. 

Friday, 14 February 2014

Backstage at Bora Aksu

So it's that time of year when everyone who is interested in fashion and can get to London flocks to Somerset House and the other venues to see the trends that will dominate our wardrobe come September. And this year I was one of them.

Having started my dream University course I am now trying to gain some experience so that at the end of my course I am able to find a career that I love. Although my attempt for this season of Fashion Week was fairly cautious, due to illness as well as lack of time, I am pleased to say that I helped out at the Bora Aksu A/W 14 show today. 

It was one of the few designers that answered the emails I sent to about 30 people. Working at Fashion Week is perhaps part luck but also sheer determination. 

The day was fairly short, but definitely fun filled and very informative. This morning I got up excruciatingly early so that I could meet my friend Danni (her blog can be found here) for a hearty McDonalds breakfast, both of us wanting a good amount of food to set us up for the day. After walking around the BFC showspace at Somerset House about 20 times we managed to find our fellow dressers as well as the man who was responsible for the backstage area. 

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any photos of the actual hair and make up looks as Danni and I were too busy trying to make sure that all the clothing was perfect for the runway. However the girls all had very minimal makeup making sure that the skin looked flawless and very clean. It was easy to see the inspiration for the collection, letters from Bora's mother when she was at boarding school, in this fresh-faced approach as well as the hair. The hair was up in a rope braid that formed a crown with pieces of ribbon at the base of the braid. 

Now the clothes themselves were beautiful. 

The collection was in midnight blues, pastel pink, mustard yellow, black and bright reds. All of the garments played with textures, with the softest leathers and beautiful crochet details. All in all the collection was ultra-feminine and had the sense of a uniform, again a reference to the boarding school environment. 

Our task was to dress the models in two looks for the runway. The first look which is usually more relaxed was stressful for us as our model was one of the last ones out of hair and makeup. But we managed to fumble our ways through and then waited for our model to return so that we could get her changed. That was the tricky part trying to get her changed as quickly as possible without ruining the hair or makeup. Whilst allowing the makeup artists to make touch ups. 

Then it was all over and we tidied up the rail and said our thank yous and went for a spot of lunch at Itsu. 

I thought it was such a wonderful introduction into working a fashion week and every single person there was absolutely lovely and very helpful when we had any questions. 

Speak soon lovelies.