Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Honest Burgers

So after a short lecture this morning and doing some work for school my sister and I decided to head to Brixton for our evening meal. Now we picked a place we've been to before but it's so good it's always worth another visit. 

Honest Burgers is nestled in Brixton Village the second of two covered markets that Brixton boasts. Both of them are well worth a visit, both during the day and in the evening. 

Now Honest Burgers serve burgers and not much else but I had a hankering for burgers so that was just perfect. 

Their drinks are great too, both of us plumping for a homemade lemonade which is incredible and served in these lovely jars.

The burger I chose was the Honest burger which a burger with cheese, bacon, pickles and onion chutney. And my sister went for a plain beef burger. All of the burgers come with rosemary chips which are to die for. 

The burgers are all medium rare so are pink but you can ask to have them well done but I really recommend having it pink as it just makes so much juicier and the burger oozes all over your fingers when eating it. 

We left feeling very full and wonderfully satisfied of the burger craving. We took a short wondering round the markets picking up a portion of frozen yoghurt to share to round off the evening. After all I'm sure there is always room for pudding. 

We've got a few things planned for the ext few days so I'll take you along and take a few photos. 

Speak soon lovelies. 

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