Thursday, 11 September 2014

24 hours in Paris

This one is a little late coming but here it is anyway. Some time during May whilst many friends were planning their summer travel plans I realised that ahead of me all I had was a summer full of work. So I frantically contacted my partner in crime to plan something. The two of us had already been to Berlin together a few summers ago. 

So Eurostar was booked and forgotten about in May. So when August rolled around there was frantic packing and list making. 

We headed over on the 12th, stayed overnight and spent the 13th shopping. I thought I'd share some of the snaps I took on my phone with you. 

The train essentials: portable battery, leads for my phone, Filofax full of lists, sunglasses and of course Percy Pigs from M&S.

Our hostel was right by the Sacre Cœur so we stopped outside in the evening.

Our first stop was of course City Pharma to stock up on essentials. 

And that's all we really had time for except popping into sephora.

We returned to London absolutely shattered but happily laden with bags.

Speak soon lovelies.