Thursday, 19 February 2015

5 Things I've Learnt Since Moving to London

It's been a year and about 5 months since I've moved to London for university. That long since I've left Norwich for all but the odd weekend. It has taught me so much already so i thought I would write a list of all the things I've learnt so far. 

1. London is BIG, and I mean big, and I think the full scope is only realised when you live there and have to commute between places. As a tourist almost everything is within 20 minutes on the tube from each other. But as soon as you have to travel between the place you can afford to live to the place where you spend most of your time (I.e. Work or uni) it is a whole other dimension. Which brings me on to my next thing. 

2. Commuting is soul destroying, the moment that you arrive on that already crowded platform or bus stop at a ridiculously early time with a mug of coffee in one hand and your phone in another, you realise that it is a rather sad life you lead at times. As you wedge yourself into the armpit of a man about 6 foot, who hasn't quite realised that he could angle his body slightly differently, you zone out completely hoping only that there is no transferral between his sweat and you shoulder or that there are no delays that keep you held in the train for a minute longer than necessary.

3. However there is always something else to do every day. And so much of it is free if you bother looking (or if you can't be bothered to search yourself: follow SkintLondon on Twitter for tips on all sorts of things that are free or cheap to do). But theoretically you could go to a new restaurant every night where automatically you'll order the same thing you always order: burgers and lots of them 

But they're delicious so who cares really eh? 

4. Netflix WILL become your new best friend, because work/uni is tiring and everyone's schedules always clash, so you always say you'll go for drinks and then only see each other once every three months. Let it happen, it's not something to feel guilty about. Settle into that evening of binge watching Gossip Girl and/or documentaries. 

5. But most importantly? London is pretty freaking stunning, even all the touristy parts:

Speak soon lovelies

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