Sunday, 7 June 2015

Brick lane again

So it's been a while eh? Sorry about that, but I will go into more detail in another post. Today was a beautiful day so my flat mate and a friend of ours headed east. Originally we went to Hackney wick for a vintage fayre but it wasn't really our kind of vintage, lovely if you like the more sort of very dressy vintage and antiques but for us it wasn't the one. (Btw it's on every Sunday till late summer and it does have a really cool vibe! Lots of food trucks and even a bit covered in sand! It's behind the baths in Hackney wick)

Knowing it was a Sunday we decided to head over to brick lane market as we knew there would be lots going on, and we desperately wanted a bagel from one of the bagel shops! Along the way we got a little distracted by the food market in the old Truman brewery as well as the goldsmiths design degree show! 

Brick Lane street sign

One of the food stands had the most incredible burger, why can't I ever choose something else?

Burger bun with onion and lettuce

It had cheese and bacon with a dash of guacamole! Apparently this is the perfect combo! It was so juicy it was difficult to eat on the go but I managed to eat it. Mostly we just wandered round looking at this stand and the next before going to a cafe for a cup of coffee and a brownie. I just wish I remembered the name of it.

We then decided to head to the beigel shop to buy some bagels for the way back as well as for dinner in the evening! We walked back to the bus stop and encountered this beautiful black cat: 
black cat on a door stoop in front of a red door

Who let us pet her until she had enough and started hissing at us! So we quickly got on a bus back to south of the river! 

Deciding that the day was too nice just to end there we went to a corner shop grabbed a couple of bottles of ciders and headed to Ruskin park to watch the world go by, whilst listening to music and me devouring a salt beef bagel (if you're not veggie get on that if you're ever in East London!)

Salt beef bagel from brick lane beigel shop

All in all a pretty perfect day! Although I may have burnt a little bit already!

Speak soon lovelies!!!

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