Saturday, 23 July 2016

Mumford and Sons at Hyde Park

Hey it's been a while hasn't it, well there is a whole load that happened, and before I delve into everything I thought I'd share my experience of Mumford and Sons on the 8th of July with my favourite gal.

I bought the tickets way back in December for Alina's birthday and the day finally arrived. We headed into London. When we reunited at Liverpool Street Station and headed (after doing a huge loop around it apparently) to The Breakfast Club near Spitalfields Market. We had an amazing brunch and then made our way to Hyde Park.

We spent most of the day wandering round the park soaking up the atmosphere listening to some incredible acts including Wolf Alice, Alabama Shakes and BORNS. We had some brilliant paella from one of any food stands we could have chosen then sat down awaiting Mumford and Sons to start. AS everyone says they are incredible live. So much performance and stage presence it's an absolute delight to watch.